Development And Technological Innovation Of Replica Rolex Oyster watch

1926, Oyster (Oyster) watch the birth, Rolex Replica Watches important step in the history of the water table. For this innovative timepiece is, “Oyster” in the name can be described as appropriate.   Ji Lisi wearing Oyster watches successfully crossed the English Channel. Follow Rolex Replica Watches founder Hans?  Wilsdorf’s footsteps, numerous watches and case manufacturers have launched their own waterproof sports watch. Colorful variety of new technologies and new materials, Eight Immortals recount, is to prevent air, dust and water invasion. Mido original Aquadura cork crown sealing system has been proved to be very effective, even today helium valve Yihuo other such inventions, the principle is also consistent basis.

Development And Technological Innovation Of Replica Rolex Oyster watch

Waterproof  Rolex Replica Watches to a depth of modern diving watch to reach at least 100 meters, its notable features are: even in dark underwater environment, the disk is still readily identifiable, which should benefit from luminous numbers, markers and hands; with unidirectional rotating bezel so decompression dive diver segment. Whether divers assault troops during the war, also, or marine organisms observer era of peace, they are facing extremely complex and hostile environment.

Seem suddenly, waterproof watch has exceeded the limit to a stunning breathtaking proportions. Today, Swiss Rolex Replica Watches  in-depth 1000 m deep blue ocean diving watch for mention. Professor Picard Trieste seabed 11,000 meters journey is not wishful thinking. Obviously, divers can not go to so deep seabed, personally test to prove the strength of superior technology watchmaker; but the corresponding, own developed advanced measurement equipment inspection certificate.

This is exactly the essence of fine watchmaking: for each component table applies ongoing research and development and technological innovation. In 1980, Panerai designed to withstand a pressure of 1,000 meters undersea watch, shine. The spring of 2004, IWC Schaffhausen launched Ocean Automatic 2000 series, waterproof limit will enhance the whole doubled. In the name of “2000” refers to the release of the year is not the series, but titanium case and automatic movement mechanism capable of withstanding 200 atmospheres of pressure, and even the deep-sea fish marvel.

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