Do You Prefer Replica Rolex Yacht Master Watch In Gold or Silver?

There is no question about this,  replica Rolex Yacht Master is one of the most popular and representative watches in the world. This design is iconic for the ’50s when the trend was to sail the oceans and wear a fabulous YachtMaster on your wrist. The name was another clever find of Rolex- the one who wears such a watch is a Master of Yachting, a true tamer of the wildest waters. Well, those were the days when this watch has a huge sensation. Now, it is more famous than ever, but its fame is concentrated around its timeless look, elegant materials and durability.

There are numerous newer versions of the Rolex Yacht Master, like the well known Yacht Master II, but the vintage version is still one of the most adored designs on the planet. Those who truly love Rolex watches and understand their classic beauty will always opt for the traditional Rolex Yacht Master. Still, the question that remains is ” For which one would you go- for the gold or silver case versions?”

Replica Rolex Yacht Master Watch

Over the years, Rolex has added numerous improvements and variations to the Yacht Master with some of the most impressive color combos, but the two versions that are the most representative for this line are the one with Champagne dial and gold color case and the one with Silver dial and Silver case. And the replica market is really wonderful from this point of view.  It offers the most authentic looking Rolex Yacht Master replica watches. Due to the fact that this model is so popular, many factories make it pretty identical to the real thing.  The texture of the dial, the shape of the bezel, the size of the markers, durability of the stainless steel and accuracy of the markings and logos are close to perfection.

Replica Rolex Yacht Master Watch

So for all those who are interested in buying one of these two classic versions of the Rolex Yacht-Master I recommend to take a couple of really good quality and very clear photos of the original watch and a picture of the replica and compare the two watches from all possible angles and sides until you confirm that the similarities are close to 100%.  Only then you can be positive that you are dealing with an authentic looking Rolex Yacht-Master replica watch. This simple tip has done wonders for me and I am now the proud owner of a very extensive replica watches collection that have one thing in common- very nice quality.

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