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Hands-on With Patek Philippe Reference 5975 Multi-Scale Chronograph

It should come as no surprise that Patek Philippe, one of the world’s premiere Watch Replica makers, cleverly devised a line of timepieces to commemorate its 175th anniversary as a company. Four limited edition models, in an assortment of precious metals, sizes, and designs, celebrated the occasion—the 5575 (the 7175 being the ladies’ variant), 5975

Meet The Unique Titanium Patek Philippe Watches Replica

  It began almost five years ago, when I discovered a titanium Patek Ref 5180T and titanium Patek Ref 6000T.  The first and only titanium-cased Patek Philippe’s I had ever heard of, noted also by its reference number with the “T” at the end.  After doing some quick background work, I profiled these two pieces

Introducing Patek Philippe Saga Resurrected

It started in June 2010 with a Patek Philippe Ref. 1463 Watch Replica to be auctioned by Christie’s — the Watch Replica was purportedly of great provenance, a gift to a Mr. Donald Woolbright from the late billionaire, investor, aviator, & film producer-turned philanthropist Howard Hughes.  What a Watch Replica to own, eh?!  Christie’s was