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In-Depth: Monta Oceanking Watches Replica Replica Review

You’d be forgiven if your eyes popped out of your head upon seeing the Monta Oceanking’s $3,550 asking price. Most Watch Replica enthusiasts would probably agree with you, too, because that’s a significant chunk of change to ask in an industry that relies so heavily on brand perception to reel in consumers. But here’s the

Introducing: Ulysse Nardin Diver Le Locle

While Ulysse Nardin is certainly well known for its nautically-inspired and marine-themed Watches Replica Replica, I’d venture a guess that most would probably associate its Watches Replica Replica for use “above the water” rather than below.  Yes, they also make dive Watches Replica Replica, but as you can see this new piece is a significant

Introducing: Hublot Big Bang In Red and Blue Sapphire Cases (!!)

We’ve seen some tremendous materials innovation from Hublot in recent years (Magic Gold, colored ceramic, etc.), and they show no signs of stopping this year with pushing the limits of engineering and chemistry.  Following its full sapphire case Big Bang of 2016, Hublot rolled out two new colored sapphire Watches Replica Replica in Baselworld last

Meet the Manufactuer: Mortiz Grossmann (video)

“Meet The Manufacturer” is back for 2017.   Join Montredo on their tour of the Moritz Grossmann manufacture in the heart of German Watch Replica making, Glashütte.  Mortiz Grossmann Director Of Communications, Rainer Kern, and a host of Watch Replica makers provide a nice look at the in-house hand manufacture as well as the fine finishing