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Strong Rolex Replica Watches brand new sea sailing for GWN-1000B Fake Rolex Series December 5, 2015

2014 Rolex Replica Watches first published Gulfmaster series, designed for research and development who love sailing. In “Ocean” for the development of the concept, GWN-1000 series is equipped with the third generation of sensors that can more quickly and accurately measure direction, barometric pressure / temperature and altitude information. Atmospheric pressure sensors can help predict the weather changes, you can successfully identify the location of the compass orientation, tidal tide chart can display the current state of age, persons engaged in favor of sailing the ocean movement.

Strong Rolex Replica Watches brand new sea sailing for GWN-1000B Fake Rolex Series

GWN-1000B through pointers with digital LCD display real-time pressure now, where the second hand with a bezel +10 and -10 values ​​expressed pressure difference, when there is enormous pressure to rise or fall, is located within the 10 o’clock dial pointer With alarm prompt. In addition to the pointer display, the table below also with digital LCD display, allowing the wearer to more easily grasp the changes in the weather and to take countermeasures. The compass display is through the second hand points to the north, and with the LCD below shows the azimuth, in the vast expanse of the ocean, can determine the correct azimuth compass and forward orientation. In addition, the location of the tide watches built with state-month-old, allow the wearer to predict local walrus, as the basis for judging at anchor.
Strong Rolex Replica Watches brand new sea sailing for GWN-1000B Fake Rolex Series
Rolex Replica GWN-1000 azure ocean winds bezel 6 Bureau of radio appearance with solar energy, 200 meters waterproof function. Meanwhile, a cold environment is likely to encounter against sailing, Rolex replica design gives the series cold, watches can work in an environment of minus ten degrees. The continuation of the overall context fake rolex watch inherent style, with large dial design, fully demonstrated robust sense! In order to facilitate a variety of information to read, especially red, yellow color dotted pointer and dial, each with two independent LED lighting illuminates the dial pointer and digital LCD parts. There are four models of the full range of options.
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