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The Rolex Deep Sea Special Review

March 2012 UPDATE:  See Our Special Report on the New Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch !!! “This is Trieste. We are on the bottom of Challenger Deep. . . . Over.” — U.S. Navy LT Don Walsh, on January 23, 1960 The Watch Replica that is water-resistant to 35,840 feet…in the metal… Yes, that’s right —

Meet The Unique Titanium Patek Philippe Watches Replica

  It began almost five years ago, when I discovered a titanium Patek Ref 5180T and titanium Patek Ref 6000T.  The first and only titanium-cased Patek Philippe’s I had ever heard of, noted also by its reference number with the “T” at the end.  After doing some quick background work, I profiled these two pieces

Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Collection Releases

Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Limited Edition Series, 2002-2012 In this Perpetuelle Lookback, we will explore the limited edition arepwatchesChopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Watches Replica Replica which have been issued biennially since 2002.  My examination of the various models yielded some interesting findings and observations as to how the collection has evolved

Introducing Patek Philippe Saga Resurrected

It started in June 2010 with a Patek Philippe Ref. 1463 Watch Replica to be auctioned by Christie’s — the Watch Replica was purportedly of great provenance, a gift to a Mr. Donald Woolbright from the late billionaire, investor, aviator, & film producer-turned philanthropist Howard Hughes.  What a Watch Replica to own, eh?!  Christie’s was

Richemont, SWatches Replica To Acquire Top Level Internet Domains

Will www.buy.omega, www.shop.panerai, authentic.watches, or authorized-dealer.iwc be coming soon to the Internet?  With the pending registration of these Top Level Domains (TLDs) by Richemont and Swatch Group, it is certainly a possibility.  So what exactly does the future hold for websites that bypass the traditional “.com” in favor of extensions such as “.cartier” “.piaget” “.swatch” or

Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watches Replica

In Follow up to our earlier photo and video overview of the new Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch (see it all here):  here is some technical information about this fantastic marvel of engineering! Well done Rolex! Too bad the Challenge is “Experimental” only. This baby would sell like water in the desert. (hint, hint, Rolex)

An In-Depth Look At Rolex’s Latest Innovation

Though not the first, Rolex brings its first silicon (or ‘silicium’ as it is also called) component to market with its own set of innovations, with full in-house production capability, and in the peculiar manner (as is oft the external perception, at least) that Rolex often takes to introducing new products.  Yes, chances are you