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The Rolex Deep Sea Special Review

March 2012 UPDATE:  See Our Special Report on the New Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch !!! “This is Trieste. We are on the bottom of Challenger Deep. . . . Over.” — U.S. Navy LT Don Walsh, on January 23, 1960 The Watch Replica that is water-resistant to 35,840 feet…in the metal… Yes, that’s right —

The Rolex Official App of Bob’s Watches Replica Replicaes”

Cleverly, the app is named “Rolex – Official Bob’s Watches Replica” which gives it far greater discoverability than if it were simply called “Bob’sWatches.”  Seems a safe bet that “Rolex” will be randomly searched for in the app store far more frequently than “Bob’s Watches Replica.” What a beauty — after ogling her pics (wow–look

Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watches Replica

In Follow up to our earlier photo and video overview of the new Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch (see it all here):  here is some technical information about this fantastic marvel of engineering! Well done Rolex! Too bad the Challenge is “Experimental” only. This baby would sell like water in the desert. (hint, hint, Rolex)

An In-Depth Look At Rolex’s Latest Innovation

Though not the first, Rolex brings its first silicon (or ‘silicium’ as it is also called) component to market with its own set of innovations, with full in-house production capability, and in the peculiar manner (as is oft the external perception, at least) that Rolex often takes to introducing new products.  Yes, chances are you