Top Quality Junghans Force Mega Solar Watch With Wireless Charge And Sync Eta Movement Replica Watches

Junghans Force Mega Solar Watch With Wireless Charge And Sync Watch Releases

Watches that offer both solar power and atomic radio time-syncing, I am willing to bet, call to mind for you, as they do for me, watches that hail from Japanese companies – and for good reason. Brands such as Casio have really made atomic solar watches a big part of their portfolio, offering a variety of styles. It might come as a bit of a surprise, then, to learn that German Junghans’ Force Mega Solar is not a completely new foray for the brand.

It was back in 1990 when Vintage Junghans Watches Ebay Replica came up with their first radio-controlled watch, and just three years later incorporated solar recharging. For their latest iteration, they’ve got a series of watches that can sync around the world (with American, German, and Japanese transmitters) and offer a 21-month stand-by capability.

Junghans Force Mega Solar Watch With Wireless Charge And Sync Watch Releases
In the case of the Vintage Junghans Ladies Watches Replica Meister Pilot Event Edition view, we could observe a greatly scalloped bezel specifying the overall look of this watch. It is undeniably bold (which may be why it’s also rather uncommon), but can justify its polarising appearance by its ease-of-use. The generous scalloping provides the watch character when viewed head-on, but gives it considerable presence when studied from the side. The elevation and protrusiveness of the bezel are notable traits that see this 43.3mm-wide watch stand 14.4mm off the wrist. Its dimensions plays a part in its own exceptional legibility. As you’d expect of a pilot’s watch, this instrument may be read effortlessly thanks to an uncluttered dial and large numbers in implemented luminant.There are two variants of this Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition watch available: one black strap with white lume, and one brown strap using vintage lume. The stainless steel case has a water resistance of 100 meters and a closed case back decorated with all the bird’s-eye view of this factory.This chronograph is a clean machine: 2 sub-dials in 3 and 9 o’clock signal the chronograph minutes (at 9) and the running seconds (at 3). Such focus on space is a defining characteristic of this German manufacturer. With practical omissions, such as the date, hour counter tops, and glass instance, and with a bold, non-invasive approach to style, the cost was kept at a sensible level: With a price tag of $2,464 the Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition watch might just be ready to fly off the shelves!

While these technical chops are interesting (and of course meet the criteria of a quartz watch doing what a mechanical cannot), it is not the only story here. Junghans Pocket Watch History Replica has created some clean, classic styles with these Junghans Force Mega Solar watches, along with incorporating a variety of materials – including ceramic, with one being made fully in ceramic, while another model combines steel and ceramic.

It is funny to think that with the materials and design of these Junghans Force Mega Solar watches, you would be hard-pressed to know that these were quartz watches. Well, aside from that LCD date display, of course. Many times, when we talk about atomic-solar watches, they are very much in the rugged/outdoors/chock-full-of-plastic category. Here, Junghans has gone in a much more reserved direction, with a few sportier models mixed in – but no plastic in sight.

Junghans Force Mega Solar Watch With Wireless Charge And Sync Watch Releases

At first, I rather liked the designs that had the white dials, with the crisp presentation. Looking at the pictures more closely, however, I feel the Junghans Force Mega Solar watches with the black dials actually are the more intriguing. With those, you can still see the solar panel in all its glory. For me, that look calls to mind the futurism of the 80s somehow (perhaps from seeing the first solar-powered calculators), and lends that extra bit of “oomph” to the design for me.

The new Junghans Force Mega Solar models are available now, with pricing coming in at $1,555. Frankly, if you are only going to have one or two quartz watches, one of them should be an atomic solar model – it will run for a long time with minimal intervention, and it will have the most accurate time of anything in your watch box, coming in handy for setting your mechanicals against, for instance. While most comparable options have been very sporty models, Junghans gives you a more classic look to go with technical precision.

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